Vision Board Workshop

 CSLEWISLearn to live the life you want ... "your" vision.

Together we explore how you can discover your visions.

Learn to live in the now with what you have and how to love that.

Create new habits and release the old.



We have all heard it said, "the mind is a powerful tool", but how many of you truly embrace this concept in practical terms?

Realising you have the power to manifest what it is you want in your life is amazing, so how do we do this?

In this workshop we will be using many tools.

By leading you with focused guidance to realise what is your heart's desire to achieve various dreams/goals in life, on every level.

We will be aligning the subconscious and conscious minds to bring you into your heart centre and to live in the flow, effortlessly manifesting in perfect alignment with your true self.

We will be creating a vision board to help you realise your vision, whether this be for a specific event, a wedding, having a baby, launching a business etc., or for life generally.

So let us have some fun together and learn how we can understand what it is we want, how to fix that understanding in our mind, to let it go and to allow the manifestation to occur.  Let's play!

Booking Information

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The Sunshine Clinic
175 Send Road, Send
GU23 7ET

Time: 9:30 - 4:00


To book, click the link to email Suzanne Brooker and she will forward payment instructions

Full Price: £65booknowbutton

Refreshments will be available
-  Each participant will be asked to bring along at least three magazines
-  Board, scissors and glue will be supplied

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