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with Maria Wilson

When I have not been able to get to see Maria in her clinic I have had distance BodyTalk healing sessions.  Maria has done a session and then sent me a recorded report of the session.  The distance technique has worked well and was as equally efficient as being with Maria in clinic. I would thoroughly recommend Maria to everyone.
Claire H.  Shropshire

From the comfort of your own home you can receive these powerful healing balances to alleviate symptoms of the physical, mental and emotional body.

Whether you book an individual session for you, your family or pet or join one of the larger themed matrix sessions, the power of distance healing begins the moment you book the session, further enhanced during the actual session as it is recorded and going even deeper when you listen to the recording. Wow!

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By tuning into another person's energy, it is my focus and intention that facilitates the observations required for healing to occur.  The science behind this explains from a quantum level how we are all intrinsically connected - like invisible lines of energy.

An exert from:
The Magic of Distance Sessions
By Antonia Gentile   3 July 2018

Distant healing sessions allow for the benefits of healing regardless of an individual being physically present with the practitioner. Also known as remote healing, it has been practiced for centuries with countless testimonials attesting to improvements in the mindbody complex. Although long-practiced in the East, its efficacy is being recognized in clinical studies to a much greater extent in the West, as the practice of consciousness-based medicine takes a more front row seat alongside traditional paradigms.
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We are all connected and much like the spider's web, the lines of energy are all around us. The dew on the web representing people,  animals and other sentient connections.

Focus and intention allow me to use my tools - BodyTalk blended with Reiki, Rahanni and other modalities to facilitate healing within your body and mind. Experiencing is believing.

The rest, as they say, is simple - bringing the required balances to your awareness is enough to allow your physical body to unravel, to let go of that which does not serve you and in doing so release symptoms you may be experiencing.

On the day you can carry on as usual whilst I do the session.  I will not give you an exact time as sessions can be time sensitive - for example the session itself may only start once you are sleep to maximise your healing potential.

Once I have recorded your session I will forward a link for you to be able to listen to it, as prescribed, from the comfort of your own home or other quiet location. Please avoid listening whilst driving or operating machinery.

Themed Matrix Sessions

A really powerful way to manifest change in your life in various ways is by joining one of my themed matrix sessions. 

We create a matrix energy, much like that of a family, games team or business.  Matrix sessions prove to be very powerful as the more observers present empower the energy of the session.  A recording is made and a link emailed to each member of the matrix afterwards.



Want to book an individual session?

Use the links below to book and pay for your session and I will be in touch to confirm the day and what information I will require to link with you.  I will then forward the recording to you via email so you may listen at your convenience.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Distance sessions are carried out mid week, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.


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