Rahanni Celestial Healing

rahanni4Rahanni Celestial Healing is a complementary healing modality, much needed for the times we live in.

This healing heart energy is a truly relaxing and healing experience "Healing from the Heart for the Heart"


with Suzanne Brooker

Rahanni  Celestial Healing energy is channelled through to release anything that no longer serves us, leaving us free to grow and ascend in our lives.

 Anyone can benefit from this treatment no matter what their beliefs.

This is a truly relaxing and balancing experience for your mind, body and soul/spirit.  Rahanni compliments your body's own ability to heal, enhancing and optimising this naturally.

What will a treatment involve?
A treatment takes place with you laying down fully clothed on a therapy couch.  Healing energy will be channelled through a Rahanni Practitioner who will work with hands on or off the body where appropriate.  You may experience body sensations or emotions shifting while the healing takes place and raising your vibration.  You will definitely feel relaxed.

How many sessions are suggested? Like all vibrational healing this will vary with each client. One healing session in some cases might be all that is needed.  Sometimes it might be beneficial to experience more.

Distance or remote healing is equally powerful for those comfortable with the idea that energy is not bound by time or space and healing can be sent anywhere in the world through the ether.

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   Suzanne Brooker