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Louise Knecht

Louise Knecht
Colonic Hydrotherapist

Raw Food Chef
Life Activation Practitioner

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Louise has a variety of qualifications, and currently works within a clinic offering treatments in nutrition, colonic hydrotherapy as well as running a range of workshops about health, raw food and offers retreats.

Louise suffered much with her digestive system in her mid teens, she found relief in her symptoms through diet and colonic hydrotherapy. After being inspired by the treatment, she went onto study and qualify and has been working in this field for nearly ten years. Her studies in nutrition, compliments the colonic hydrotherapy, and provides her with the knowledge to also help her clients with their diets and health.

The most recent qualification (November 2014) as a Life Activation Practitioner, is an exciting new treatment which heightens your vibration and increases your manifestation ability. It creates a spiritual detox and puts you on your path to achieve your full potential. This is a stand alone treatment and helps with your own spiritual development.

Louise is currently studying Kinesiology.

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